September Round Up

Welcome to Hey Folks! Another month has drawn to a close (we know, we don’t know where September went either), so it’s time for us to reflect a little and round up our favorite things from the past 30 days. Thanks to people like you, we’ve had an awesome first full month here at Zelda & Scout. Our lives are crazy and we love it. In September, in addition to blogging up a storm, both Zelda and Scout ventured back home to Louisville, got new(ish) roommates, and rearranged a lot of furniture. Below are some of our favorites from this month, on Zelda & Scout as well as around the internet.

Louisville is real pretty, y'all.
Louisville is real pretty, y’all.

What We’re Doing:
September has been a busy month here at Z&S. We kicked off our G.R.I.T.S. series with the one and only Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, we shared some of our favorite Instagrammers for pics of New York or the South, we both waxed poetic on our experiences moving to New York, and we featured manymany lovely peeps in our Just Folks series. Finally, as the last twinges of summer fade away and fall creeps in, we wrote a letter to the dear departed Nora Ephron about all the ways she ruined our lives, and why we’re eternally grateful.


What We’re Listening To: Our September playlist was made for your morning commute. Featuring badass ladies and pavement thumping beats, it’s got everything you need to get up, out, and off to conquer the world…or at least the L train. With the likes of Neko, Debbie, Aretha, and Carole on your side, there’s nothing you can’t do. You can check out the playlist on Zelda & Scout, on YouTube, or on Spotify.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.34.44 PM

What We’re Watching: We’re a little obsessed with this video series from Brooklyn Derby. Their goal—to live every day like the first Saturday in May—is a noble pursuit, and one which we heartily second. They headed to the home of the fastest two minutes in sports (and the Zelda & Scout homestead) back in March and made three videos in collaboration with 21C Museum Hotel: Louisville From the Horses Mouth, Getting to the Bottom of Bourbon, and Talking Derby


What We’re Reading: We discovered The Bitter Southerner back in July, when Zelda & Scout was still an iPhone memo pipe dream, and reading their stories every Tuesday is one of the highlights of our week. This post, which came out the Tuesday after we launched, really hit home. In I Miss Kentucky, AlwaysCharlotte Alexander Strode combines words and photos into a poignant and beautiful reflection on Kentucky, and the South in general, as home: “I know that one day, perhaps after leaving, he’ll understand how special it is.” We feel ya, girl.
We also love: This ode to the badass ladies of country music. This reflection on moving home, and home again, from one of our favorite design duos, the Old Try. This photo essay on the lonely corners of the state of Georgia.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.17.01 PM

What We’re Drinking: We do a lot of crazy things in Louisville, but this may be one of the crazier ones. On September 21st, Scout was home in Louisville for an event called the Classique Classic: a bracket-style shotgunning competition featuring Stillwater Classique. That’s right: 64 grown-ass people got together to shotgun beers for an afternoon, as well as to eat, drink, and carry on, and it was awesome. Needless to say, we’re fans of Stillwater’s Classique, for shotgunning or just for sitting back and relaxing after work.

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What We’re Eating: During a recent content planning meeting, we discovered Orleans, a little place in Bushwick built out around a food truck and serving classic New Orleans Po’boys. Zelda’s Louisianan friend was skeptical: “Po’boys in New York…isn’t that just a sub, m’dear?” But last time we checked, subs didn’t include fried catfish, shrimp, and pickles. Orleans Po’boys are delish, and sitting at their picnic tables you might even think you were back in the South…if it weren’t for the sound of the M train rumbling overhead.


What’s On Our Wishlist: So maybe our love of Mason jars betrays the fact that we’re secretly a little hipster (but to be fair, we buy ours for $10 a dozen at Kroger, not for $15 a jar at the local trendy watering hole/repurposed garage/performance art space). That being said, we can’t help but love this Mason jar shaker set from the guys (Josh and Eric and friends) over at Brooklyn-based W&P design. Combing their love of vintage kitchenware and artisan cocktails with their Southern sensibilities, the Mason Shaker is a must-have for any Bushwick flat.
Scout is also obsessed with these sandals from Atlanta-based newcomers Clay and Bros. Recently Kickstarted into existence, this creative community describes themselves: “We are travelers, explorers, fishermen, lovers, fighters, creators, brothers, sisters, and we are excited.” So are we. As are our feet.

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Zelda and Scout are Jennifer Harlan and Kelsey Goldman. Two Louisville, Kentucky gals who now call Brooklyn home, they love bourbon, horse racing, New York in the fall, and kitchen dance parties.

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