October Round Up

Hey Folks! Another month, another whirlwind of crazy blogging adventures! We’re honestly quite baffled by where October went, but the calendar doesn’t lie, and so we find ourselves already hurtling into November. October was a busy month for the Z&S ladies: Scout turned 25 (she’d rather not discuss it), Zelda hit the road for a jaunt up to Providence, and we went to several awesomely awesome concerts and shows together. The air is starting to turn crisp (…kind of, if you can call this week’s high seventies and 85% humidity crisp. Again, we’d prefer not to discuss it.), and the trees are shedding their leaves, so what better way to spend a blustery fall day than curled up with a mug of tea and some Dixie-tinged loveliness, curated from around the interwebs by yours truly.

New York can be awfully pretty in the fall, even when it rains.
New York can be awfully pretty in the fall, even when it rains.

What We’re Doing: October has been yet another busy month here at Zelda & Scout. We taught New Yorkers the important distinction between sweet and unsweet tea, spotlighted the fabulous Loretta Lynn, explored the wonders of beer cheese and tailgating, and got a little philosophical about our furniture. Scout took a walk, Zelda took a road trip, and of course there were several fantastic Arkansans, North Carolinians, Kentuckians, and more featured in Just Folks. To top it all off, Zelda dispensed some incredibly serious tips for Halloween costumes with a Southern flair.

Nothing good happens after 2 a.m., but that doesn’t mean it can’t still have an awesome soundtrack.

What We’re Listening To: Our October playlist was full of melancholy melodies for those rainy nights that creep into drizzly mornings, as your thoughts run rampant, nostalgia takes hold, and sleep remains out of your grasp. From Brooklyn indie artists to classics of New York, this month’s list is the perfect soundtrack for a blustery, rain-soaked evening, pairing well with a steaming mug of tea (or a glass of something stronger). You can check it out on Zelda & Scout, on YouTube, or on Spotify. And of course, like the good Southern girls we are, we celebrated T-Sweezy Day with several repeat listenings of 1989 (even if she has abandoned her county roots).

no-filter, grace-helbig, hannah-hart, mamrie-hart, my-drunk-kitchen, you-deserve-a-drink, ydad, trinity, youtube
Everything is better in a onesie.

What We’re Watching: We were lucky enough this month to check out the #NOFILTER show in Brooklyn, starring three of our all-time favorite YouTubers (and ladies in general): Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and (Southern gal) Mamrie Hart. It was an awesome evening, as side-bustingly hilarious as it was surprisingly inspirational (although we have to admit seeing these frequent stars of our laptops and smartphones in 3-D was a bit disconcerting #cognitivedissonance). If you haven’t checked them out yet, we seriously suggest you block out an afternoon, or two, to peruse It’s Grace, My Drunk Kitchen, and You Deserve a Drink. Your days will be brightened, we swear.

new-york-times, lydia-davis, philip-montgomery
© Philip Montgomery, via The New York Times

What We’re Reading: We don’t normally think of the New York Times as our destination for fiction, but this story by Lydia Davis was a welcome surprise. Zelda is a big fan of Davis’ prose, and this excerpt from the new short story collection “Tales of Two Cities” is an eerily resonant depiction of commuting in the city. We also love this cheeky recounting of a writer’s love affair with seminal-Southern-sports-saga “Friday Night Lights,” and this round-up has officially kicked off our excitement for Derby, and all the fabulous millinery it entails. In the book realm, Scout was blown away (and rendered incredibly nostalgic for her college field hockey days) by Chad Harbach’s “The Art of Fielding,” while Zelda was amazed by how funny Jonathan Tropper made sitting shiva in “This Is Where I Leave You.”

washington-irving, zelda-and-scout
Washington Irving: Author, erroneous President, and saucy minx (via Wikimedia Commons)

What We’re Drinking: A couple weeks ago, Zelda went to a Manhattan bar, which shall remain nameless to save them from searing public humiliation. She was feeling festive and so, despite the exorbitant prices, she decided to order a cocktail. This being fall, she was in a bourbon-y mood, and so she settled on a blackberry honey concoction featuring her favorite Kentucky spirit. As she waited eagerly for her drink to arrive, she came across this summary of the drink’s etymology: “The Irving is named after Washington Irving, a former president and popular fiction writer…” Her shaken faith in the American educational system not withstanding, her drink was, nevertheless, delicious.

arrogant-swine, barbecue, bushwick
Industrial strength deliciousness, via Arrogant Swine

What We’re Eating: This new North Carolina-style Bushwick BBQ joint has been blowing up our social media feeds, shooting straight to the top of our November to-do lists. Zelda is seriously considering buying a doughnut pan just so she can make these autumn wonders. And Scout is currently obsessed with this fig spread, which makes late-night cheese as dinner instantly classier.

kentucky-for-kentucky, loretta-lynn
Via Kentucky for Kentucky, a face to brighten any living room

What’s On Our Wishlist: Kentucky for Kentucky is the frequent home of many of our most-coveted items, and this month we’re all about their new merch featuring our ver own G.R.I.T.S. spotlight, Miss Loretta Lynn. Also this month, Zelda’s got cookbooks on the brain, especially these new(ish) releases from her favorites David Lebovitz and Joy the Baker, while Scout is itching for a wardrobe update. And we’re both swooning over this print courtesy of our favorites at the Old Try.

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