Zelda & Scout Holiday Gift Guide: The South

It’s December, and while holiday decorations exploded all over every retail establishment somewhere around Halloween, now is when the pressure really sets in. ‘Tis the season of gifting, of wish lists and dwindling bank accounts. Everyone takes to this process differently. Zelda is a compulsive gifter: Nothing makes her happier than browsing the boutiques (or, let’s be real, the internets, because baby, it’s cold outside) and finding the perfect something for each person in her life. Scout, on the other hand, often finds herself without inspiration or funds come December 24th, finally collapsing in a giant ball of stress and resorting, once again, to baked goods and gift cards. Luckily for you all, we’re on top of our shit this year, and so this week we present to you the Official Zelda & Scout Holiday Gift Guide. There’s something on here for everyone — from the friend who always wants to get cocktails to the one who doesn’t leave her living room if she can help it. And hey, if you don’t see something for that certain impossible-to-shop-for someone on this list, don’t sweat it: Everyone loves baked goods and cash.

Today, our picks are Dixie-steeped, perfect for all the Southerners in your life, from sassy to classy.

Happy shopping, y’all!

Totes! Everybody Loves Totes.

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

“Happy Chandler” Tote Bag

Really we should have just posted a link to the Kentucky for Kentucky catalogue and called it a day.

$18 from Kentucky for Kentucky

For the Southern Belle of Brooklyn:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 4.45.02 PM

Gone with the Wind Tote

From the awesome folks at (Brooklyn-based) Out of Print, also available in a pencil pouch or tee.

$18 from Out of Print

For the One Who, Frankly, Does Give a Damn:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Gone with the Wind 75th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Set

Includes a hardback book on Scarlett’s fashion, a collectible music box, and Rhett’s handkerchief (dashing rogue not included).

$35.69 from Amazon

For the One With a Drawl:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Southern Phrases 2015 Calendar

Also appropriate for your Yankee friend who never has any idea what the heck you’re saying.

$12 from The Southern Wedding Shop

For the Perpetual Hostess:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Chalkboard Bar Cart Sign

Pairs well with a Mint Julep or a Tipsy Palmer.

$22 from Etsy

For the Decadent and Depraved:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Kentucky Derby Print

From one of our favorite illustrators and Southern gals!

$40-50 from Rifle Paper Company

For the One With School Spirit:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

South Sweatshirt

Make no mistake, this heart belongs to Dixie and it’s cozy as all get out.

$38 from the Bitter Southerner General Store

For the Contrary Grammarian:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Y’all Sweatshirt

It is too in the dictionary!

$50 from Kentucky for Kentucky (also available in grey)

For the Nester:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Five String Print

Someday, when we have conquered the internets, we will hire the Old Try to decorate our big, fabulous offices. In the meantime, this or any of their many other wonderful prints would be a great addition to any home.

$42 from The Old Try

For the One You Really, Really Like:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide, the south

Bitter Southerner Book Club

Includes four signed first edition books delivered quarterly, as well as a snazzy t-shirt, notebook, and pencil. We have such a blog crush on these guys.

$250 for annual membership from The Bitter Southerner


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