Zelda & Scout Holiday Gift Guide: Totally Awesome

For the third and final installment of our holiday guide, we have a smorgasbord of items, from the cute to the clever, the nerdy to the holiday appropriate. Some of our favorites, from our web browsers to yours. Happy shopping, and a very happy holiday season to all of y’all!

For the Angsty Millenial who Can’t Get Her Shit Together:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

“Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up”

From one of our favorite YouTubers, featuring such gems as “Never trust a middle-aged man named ‘Josh.’” and “Don’t be friends with someone who still ‘pokes’ people on Facebook.” But also, like, useful stuff.

$11.65 from Amazon

For the Punderdome Champion:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

“My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking & Going With Your Gut”

Yummy recipes, thoughtful advice, and puns! So many puns.

$14.47 from Amazon

For the One with the Well-Stocked Bar:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

“Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist”

Tolstoy (and Hawthorne and Shakespeare and Woolf) never tasted so good.

$10.99 from Amazon

For the One Who Dressed Up as Julia Child for Halloween:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

State-Shaped Copper Cookie Cutters

Available in all fifty nifty shapes.

$13.90 each from Copper Gifts

For the One Who Could Use a Little Feng Shui:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

Succulent Planters

So cute, so chic, so good for your chi!

$35 (for a set of three) from Etsy

For the Member of the Tribe:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

Agayof Dreidel Menorah

A little on the pricy side, but so cool! Add a bag of gelt and you’ve got Chanukah in your pocket.

$144 from Module R, also available in black/gold/gray/silver

For the Tea Addict:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

Custom Tea Advent Calendar

A different flavor for every day!

$20 from Etsy

For the One Who Always Smells Good:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

Tin Type Holiday Candles

Toasted hazelnut is our personal favorite from this scrumptious collection.

$18 from Anthropologie

For the Homebody:

zelda-and-scout, holiday, gift-guide

Hooded Fleece Onesie Pajamas

As cute as they are cozy, with snowflakes, snowmen, and penguins, oh my!

$39.95 from Amazon


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