Happy New Liver!

Ah New Year’s Eve — a time for reflection, a time for resolution, a time for…inebriation.

Double Cider Bourbon Punch

Some of you may be going out, partying your faces off in some sticky-floored bar, hoping to smush faces with a special someone (or just a someone) when the clock strikes 12. If you’re like Scout, you will avoid the bars on New Year’s Eve and opt for a friend’s apartment-based party so as to stay safely ensconced in an outer borough (everyone please pray for Zelda, who has to work, in Times Square, until 11:30 p.m.).

No matter if you’re throwing a party of your own or going to a friend’s, you’re going to need a cocktail. Friends, readers, allow us to introduce you to Double Cider Bourbon Punch.

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This little wonder comes to us courtesy of Buzzfeed and their epic Friends-themed Friendsgiving Feast. We like it because it combines our tried and true Kentucky bourbon with the wintry goodness of apple cider, with just a hint of the bubbles meant to ring in the New Year.

Scout and her roommates attempted to make it for Thanksgiving. And though a combination of tragic events pushed their cocktail hour to a couple days after the actual holiday, the cocktail, when it finally hit their palettes, did not disappoint. Yummy but not too sweet, and with our favorite spirit front and center, this drink will warm you up from epic games of Cards Against Humanity toTaylor Swift dance parties as you ring in the New Year.

The original recipe calls for a punch bowl. However, if like us you live in a cramped New York apartment, chances are you don’t in fact own a punch bowl, so we’ve modified the recipe slightly to make smaller batches (Serves 6 – 10).

You Will Need:

2 cups apple cider

2 12-oz bottles hard apple cider

1 12-oz bottles ginger beer

1 cup seltzer

1.5 cups bourbon

Cinnamon sticks, for garnish

Ice, to serve


Combine both ciders, ginger beer, seltzer, and bourbon in whatever vessel you can find that’s large enough to hold this party potion. We chose a mixing bowl with a pouring spout, because you work with what you have. Zelda is all for the ultimate Brooklyn accessory: the Mason jar. Pour into generous glasses (or Mason jars, if you prefer), and add cinnamon sticks to garnish. If you’re feeling super fancy, you can also core and slice some apples and perch a slice on the rim of your glass for a touch of je ne sais quoi.

Drink up and enjoy!


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