Scout’s Top 5 Comedy Specials to Help You Laugh Away Your Winter Blues

We are no strangers to Seasonal Affective Disorder here at Zelda & Scout (so sad…), and especially with Winter Superstorm/Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon/Blizzard of Doom Juno dominating our news feeds this week with its (luckily unfulfilled) promises of frozen destruction, we’ve both been feeling the winter blues as of late. When the weather gets Scout down, she turns to her good friend: Netflix. Whether you’re trapped inside by stormy weather or just counting down the endless days until springtime (it is coming, we swear), these five comedy specials will help you shake off the winter gloom. Laughter is the best medicine, y’all. Laughter, and chocolate.

Stand-Up Stance (Via LaughterKey)
Stand-Up Stance (Via LaughterKey)

Chelsea Peretti, “One of the Greats” – Writer, actress, comedienne, and general badass lady, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Chelsea Peretti is one of our favs. Her special is one part deadpan humor, one part satire of the comedy world, one part epic motorcycle shots, and one part clown costumes. Seriously. Make sure you watch til the end.

Trevor on traveling to The US during the Ebola crisis (via OrdinaryAfrica)
Trevor on traveling to The U.S. during the Ebola crisis (via OrdinaryAfrica)

Trevor Noah, “African American” – Scout first witnessed Trevor Noah last year when he made an appearance on the Stephen Fry-hosted BBC Two Show, QI. The South African comedian has been making appearances on British and American television for a few years now, and in December he officially hopped across the pond to become a contributor on The Daily Show. His 2013 comedy special applies his trademark observational humor to his experience coming the United States as a mixed-race man who grew up during apartheid.

Deep Questions with Russell
Deep Questions with Russell

Russell Howard, “Right Here Right Now” – Russell Howard is one of Scout’s all-time favorite comedians. When she first discovered the British panel show genre, he was one of the guests she sought out most, scouring YouTube for his episodes of Mock the Week, uploaded from across the pond. She had the pleasure of seeing his rather raunchy and physical stand-up live last year (he ended the show dressed as a giant phallus, to give you an idea of the flavor of the evening). Should you not be lucky enough to witness his awesomeness in person, his 2011 special is a great taste of his style. Want more? All 9 series of his show Good News are on YouTube.

Mulaney understands not wanting to leave the house
Mulaney understands not wanting to leave the house

John Mulaney, “New In Town” – John Mulaney’s self-titled sitcom was a bit of a crash and burn — miraculously, Mulaney has yet to be officially canceled, but with a reduced order and abysmal ratings, it’s just a matter of time — but there’s a reason Fox gave it to him in the first place. Unlike his painful show (seriously, Scout couldn’t get past the second episode), the long-time SNL writer’s stand up is funny. Like, really funny. We highly suggest you give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Home Depot, where childhood goes to die (Via silverrock)
Home Depot, where childhood goes to die (Via silverrock)

Donald Glover, “Weirdo” – Donald Glover’s got something for everyone. He’s an actor, he’s a rapper, he’s a writer: But first and foremost, he’s a comedian. “Weirdo” is filled with his patented memoir-esque, “it’s funny because it’s true” comedy. He turns everything from being an entertainer, to the Muppet Babies, to childhood trips to Home Depot into comedy gold. Now please go back to Community? We (and Abed) miss you so.


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