These Are a Few of Our Favorite Folks: New York Edition!

The internet is a big place, and many people call it home. That’s the wonderful thing about technology: It allows you to form cozy little communities whose members may be scattered to all corners of the globe. You can connect with people miles away or right next door, all at the drop of a hat. A while ago, we shared some of our favorite internet folks who call the South home (corporeally, at least). Today, we bring you some folks who are, geographically, a little closer — coming to a blogosphere near you from right here in New York City. From the theatrical to the culinary, the photographic and the crafty to the hipster (but self-aware), these are some of our favorites.

Lucky and The Mick just chilling with JGroff, that's how they do. (Via Instagram)
Lucky and The Mick just chilling with J. Groff: That’s how they do. (Via Instagram)

The Craptacular (Laura Motta & Aileen McKenna): We love the theater here at Zelda & Scout, and we love people who love the theater. Laura and Aileen (aka Lucky and The Mick) also love the theater…a lot. The Craptacular is half nuanced theater criticism and commentary, half unabashed fangirling. We first discovered them while watching the horrid Carrie Underwood-helmed Sound of Music Live on NBC: Their live-tweeting was perhaps the only redeeming part of the production (other than Laura Benanti’s performance #TeamElsa). We’re always down with besties blogging about the stuff they love, and Lucky and The Mick do it with an experienced technique and a sharp wit (and occasionally some delectable morsels of theatrical manhood…we’re not complaining). Never have our theater fangirl feels been so accurately conveyed. They get it; they’ve had those feels, too.

Some of our favorites: 31 Moments in Les Miz: the Movie Musical that Will Melt Your Fangirl/guy Mind, I Feel You Ira Glass, Even Though I Love Shakespeare, The Craptacular Presents: The 2014 Fauxny Awards

via Stacie Grissom
via Stars for Streetlights

Stars for Streetlights (Stacie Grissom): While we wouldn’t exactly call ourselves crafty, we’re willing to give the whole DIY thing a try if the end result is our closets and apartments looking like an Anthropologie catalog. Indiana native and fellow New York transplant Stacie Grissom is just the girl to help. Her blog is packed with do-it-yourself tutorials for everything from elegant jewelry to quirky pots for your new succulent plants, plus a sprinkling of photography and some rarely explored gems ripe for your Manhattan (or Brooklyn or Queens) adventures. Living a quirky-chic lifestyle in a New York-sized apartment on a Middle America budget is a challenge, but Stacie will teach you her ways.

Some of our favorites: DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover for Renters, A Tour of My First NYC Apartment, Things to Do in NYC: The Tram to Roosevelt Island

Ourit Ben Haim of UNYPL (via Wall Street Journal)
Ourit Ben Haim of UNYPL (via Wall Street Journal)

Cover Spy / The Underground New York Public Library: A two-for-one of sneaky literary goodness! UNYPL is a beautifully curated visual library of the books found on the New York City subway and the commuters who love them. At Cover Spy, the agents take a slightly more covert approach, with descriptions of readers spotted in the wild (and their volumes of choice) whose details range from the practical to the poetic. While their approaches are different, these kindred spirits of the cyberworld can both be distilled down to the essential truth, “You are what you read.” And judging by these Tumblrs, New Yorkers are a very well-read bunch, with a severe case of multiple personality disorder. In the realm of bonus goodies, UNYPL includes links to borrow or buy each of the featured books, while Cover Spy offers up monthly recommended reading lists, publishes short stories inspired by readers their agents have spotted, and hosts live events like I Like Your Glasses, “a night of speed dating for those who’d rather be judged by their book cover (glasses not required).” And while Cover Spy began in New York, it is slowly but surely taking over the /

Some of our favorites: “Catcher in the Rye” (UNYPL), “The Master and Margarita” (UNYPL), “A History of the Upper Guinea Coast” (CoverSpy), “Just Kids” (CoverSpy)

via The Gaurdian
via The Guardian

Smitten Kitchen: “Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City.” Deb Perelman’s recipes are both homey and inventive, and each post is infused with warmth and wit and sprinkled with beautiful photographs. Reading her blog is like having a virtual bestie perched on your counter, glass of wine in hand, cheering you on as you create kitchen magic. Whether you’re looking for a fresh twist on a classic, a new way to use certain ingredients, or a non-intimidating guide to making the perfect poached egg, Deb is there. You can read chronologically, blog style, or there’s a handy recipe index organized by dish, ingredients, season, cuisine, budget, and of course the four Smitten Kitchen Food Groups: Bourbon, Brown Butter, Peanut Butter, and Put An Egg On It. (Note: For the truly adventurous, just click “Surprise Me!”)

Some of our favorites: Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie, Red Wine Chocolate Cake, Ginger Fried Rice


Bushwick Daily: Our source for all things Schwick (and Ridgewood), from new coffee shops or restaurants to art installations or artisanal spam. You can read it as a practical guide, if you too call the land off the L home, but it can almost be more fun to read it as fiction — a satirical chronicle of a neighborhood that can take itself far too seriously, is frequently too hipster for its own good, but has a lot of heart all the same. Luckily, the folks at Bushwick Daily also seem to be aware of their ridiculousness: Their April Fools content was particularly delightful this year (see artisanal spam above). And make sure you don’t miss the comics! Jeremy Nguyen is our favorite.

Some of our favorites: 22 Things You Should Know If You Just Moved to Bushwick, Find a Cutie with these Popular Bushwick Dating Apps, Bushwick-Based Fashion Designer Transformed the L Train into a Fashion Show

via Huffington Post
via Huffington Post

Humans of New York: We’d be hard-pressed to come up with a blog that represents the crazy diverse mess of humans that is this city better than Brandon Stanton’s project (which is why we couldn’t resist including him here, even though he already made our Top 10 New York Instagrammers list). Whether you just need a quick pick-me-up or want to get lost for hours, HONY has something for you. Its central thesis is one we couldn’t agree with more: Every person has a story, and that story is worth sharing. This blog will entertain you, but more importantly it will make you look more deeply at the world around you and imagine people as complexly as they deserve.

Some of our favorites: Today in microfashion, My grandparents aren’t religious…, I retired six months ago…

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