February Playlist: Love Love Love

Oh February, you month of hearts and flowers, chocolate and cupids, fuzzy teddy bears and glittery cards and more pink and red than a strawberry stew. As two brutally single females, we can tend to regard all these Valentine festivities with a healthy dose of cynicism and a tinge of despair. We’re equal opportunity love bugs, you see, and all this focus on romantic exploits sticks our friendships and family ties and other forms of esteem and affection in the corner, leaving us staring at the gaping void where “Significant Other” is supposed to be. But even spinsters like us aren’t immune to a good love song. So this month, we’ve set our dire prospects aside and rounded up 28 of our favorites, one for (almost — damn you leap year!) every day of this rosy-colored month.

Some of these songs are classics. Some are brand-new. Some are sweet and some are sad; some make us want to dance around our kitchens and slide across the floor in our socks while others make us want to curl up with pint of Ben and Jerry’s and sob, openly. We’ve got Disney tunes and show tunes and folk tunes and pop punk tunes and jazz tunes and epic ballads and even a little rap. And they all make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, even on the darkest of days. From old favorites like The Avett Brothers, Watksy, and Ingrid Michaelson (yes, we know we already included “You and I” on a previous playlist, but it is our favorite love song of them all so we’re making an exception to our no repetitions rule), to newcomers like Bon Iver, Hall and Oates, and Sir Elton John, these musicians make our hearts sing, and ache, and appreciate all the love(s) in our lives, even if they don’t come in a perfect rom-com package.

Because really, Valentine’s Day is pretty simple. It’s about appreciating the good folks who you’re lucky enough to share your world with, and showing them you care. Whether it’s your lover or your mother or your best friend or your dog, everybody has a valentine. Sometimes you just have to look up.

As always, you can listen along here, or we’re on YouTube and Spotify.


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