Midsummer 2017 Playlist: Patriotism or Something Like It

It’s the Fourth of July! And in celebration of the birthday of our (sometimes) great nation, we’ve got a playlist full of patriotic show tunes for you to enjoy. While the majority of these songs celebrate the red, white, and blue, we tried not to limit ourselves to songs celebrating (or not) the United States. After all, other countries have reasons to be proud too!

While some of these songs celebrate various nations and their fruits outright, now also seemed like a good time to remind ourselves that dissent is patriotic, that change happens, that the state of our nation is just for now. These songs remind us that overwhelming zeal for your country doesn’t always lead to good things, and that patriotism shouldn’t be limited to one race, religion, or sexual orientation.

We hope you enjoy — ideally on a beach or by a pool and while sipping an ice-cold beverage and eating some sort of grilled meat. You can listen below, or on Spotify and YouTube

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