What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

We’re back, y’all! And boy did we miss you. Don’t get us wrong — vacation is great (and necessary) — but we’re thrilled to be back in our cozy little internet home with you fine folks. And our time off did us good: While we were taking a month off from writing, we were hard at work on a big redesign and are now looking all shiny and new! So with fresh fonts on our blog and freckles on our noses, we are back to serve up some Southern stories from the big city, hot and fresh for you.


Along with our redesign, we had quite a busy month! We both celebrated our New York-iversaries (5 years for Scout, 4 for Zelda). We basked in the glory of the eclipse. We broke down Colson Whitehead‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Underground Railroad with our book club (that’s right: we have a book club). Here are some other highlights.



  • Ran away to her beloved New Hampshire for a week of family and lake and ice cream and sunshine and good books on the porch and wine in the hammock and yoga in a barn and other generally idyllic adventures.
  • Spent a weekend in Boston, including her first ever game at Fenway! Her father, who raised her to be a Red Sox fan (i.e. correctly), was there along with her sister. And even though the damn Yankees emerged victorious (barely), it was still a great night.
  • Went to her best friend’s baby shower and her cousin’s wedding and her (and Scout’s) high school friend’s wedding and generally felt entirely too old.



  • Took friends-of-the-blog Sarah and Jason on their first ever visit to our hometown! Bourbon and beers were drunk, neighborhoods were explored, chilaquiles were eaten, and many, many episodes of “My Dad Wrote a Porno” were listened to (high recommend).
  • Unpacked her boxes and hung up her pictures and started to make her new place feel like a home.
  • Journeyed back to the ‘Ville again for our high school friend’s wedding…and more bourbon and beer.

We emerged from our vacation well-rested (or at least better-rested), sun-kissed, and filled with a renewed enthusiasm for this project of ours. Fall has always been our favorite season, crackling with the potential of new beginnings and smelling of newly sharpened pencils. We’ve got big things on the horizon, y’all. And we are oh so grateful to have you along for the ride with us.


Zelda & Scout


P.S. Have thoughts about the redesign? We want to hear them! Whether you absolutely love it or hate it and have ideas about how it could be better, we want to know. Leave us a comment below, drop us a line at zeldaandscout@gmail.com, or reach out to us on social media @zeldaandscout! And a huge thanks to the amazingly talented Carly Susman for designing our new logo — check out her work here.

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