Early Autumn 2017: Ring Them Bells

We’re moving into early autumn here in Brooklyn. The sky is still sunny, but there’s a crispness in the air that marks the inevitability of sweater weather (our favorite kind). But even as we thrill to the first hints of fall, we find ourselves reflecting fondly on the summer coming to a close. And at this season of our lives, summer means one thing: weddings.

Our lives, you see, have been taken over by all things matrimony. We’ve been to showers and bachelorettes. Zelda did four weddings in as many months. It seems like every time we sign into any social media accounts someone else is engaged. So we’ve decided to lean into it with this playlist with a bluegrass wedding soundtrack.

We’re trying to evoke the soft guitars, banjos, and mandolins of a small reception in our home state, somewhere up in the mountains — lit by twinkly lights and decorated with carefully placed bunting. People drink bourbon cocktails (or straight bourbon, later in the evening) and chat happily to friends and family. We’re talking Pinterest-levels of quaint.

We’ve peppered this playlist with some our favorites, people you’ll recognize from their repeat appearances: Sarah Jarosz, The Avett Brothers, and the Dixie Chicks, to name a few. They’re joined by some new (to us) discoveries: Anais Mitchell, Caroline Spence, and Bill and the Belles. Hopefully this playlist will take you with us to an Appalachian mountainside under stars and twinkling lights, surrounded by our favorite people, with a glass of bourbon in hand.

As always, you can find our playlists right here, on YouTube, and on Spotify.

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