Late Autumn 2017: Spook

We both have a soft spot for Halloween, and all things spooky. (Except horror movies: We do NOT like horror movies. Witches, curses, ghosts, all great, but you can keep your jump scares and gore to yourself, thanks.) We love tales of vampire slayers and charmed ones, murder mysteries and sister witches, demogorgons and pumpkin kings. And one of the best things about this time of year is that we get to break out our favorite spooky tunes.

We love the eerie music that comes with ghost stories, with a whiff of dark shadows twined around its notes. So this month we’ve assembled the witchy tunes of Florence + The Machine, the Southern Gothic sounds of The Civil Wars, and of course some spooky classics. Grab a cocktail, put on this playlist, and get in the festive spirit for your Halloween festivities. The witching hour is nigh.

As always, you can find our playlists right here, on YouTube, and on Spotify.

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