Midwinter Playlist 2018: Bomb Cyclone

Last week, the East Coast was walloped by a snow storm. And not just any snow storm: This thing earned the unequivocally dope classification of “bomb cyclone.” Now sadly, we both had to make our way to our offices despite the howling winds and pelting snow and sub-zero wind chills. But what we should have been doing — indeed, the best possible way to spend such a snow day, in our opinion — was donning our best onesies, cranking the heat, and jamming out to some bomb ass beats.

So in lieu of holding actual kitchen dance parties while Brooklyn got buried in drifts of white, we came up with a playlist to help us live vicariously through all of you. From Z&S favs like Chance the Rapper, Dessa, and Watsky to 2017 darlings Cardi B and SZA to their royal highnesses Adele and Beyoncé, there’s a bop in here for everybody. Whether you’re hibernating inside or out on those icy streets wishing you were, these beats will keep you stomping along.

As always, you can listen here, on Spotify, or on YouTube.

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