Early Spring 2018 Playlist: Wild Flowers

It has technically been spring for two weeks now, but here in New York City, you wouldn’t know it. On the Monday morning when we compiled this playlist, snow was falling outside our windows — big fat flakes that covered the ground, coated the trees, made fluffy hats for the trash cans…and then melted within hours as if it had never been.

We’re anxious for springtime to arrive in earnest. We’re sick of our coats and scarves and salt-splattered boots. We long for sunshine and rooftops and long days in the park with a good book and an iced coffee. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, and we hope the same holds true when the showers are of the snowy variety. So while our feet may be wrapped up in wool socks and buried under a blanket, we’re tickling our earbuds with the sounds of springtime: a little acoustic lady pop-folk-country goodness.

Maybe it’s because our favorite holiday of the year, and the most important one in our dear hometown, falls on the first Saturday in May, but spring to us always comes with a twang. So to kick off the season of blossoms and juleps and blue skies we’re told will eventually come, we’ve gathered some old — and new — favorites to croon us into May. As always, you can listen here, directly on Spotify, or on YouTube.


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