We Went to Derby!

We did the thing, y’all! Last Thursday, before dawn had even cracked, we hit the road towards our old Kentucky home. The journey was long but full of snacks and inside jokes. Once we hit our beloved Louisville, we hung with Zelda’s parentals and Scout’s momma; toured the Maker’s Mark distillery; hit up our favorite brunch spot, doughnut shop, and beer bar; and, of course, got all decked out for the main event: Scout’s first, and Zelda’s first-as-an-adult, Kentucky Derby.

Now the sun may not have shone bright that day. Our race experience was decidedly damp, complete with ponchos and a flash flood warning. Were we thrilled to be experiencing the wettest Derby on record? That would be a no. But despite the torrential downpours, we still managed to have a blast. After all, we were there with some of our nearest and dearest pals, the bourbon was plentiful (both from the julep vendors and the baggies we smuggled in inside our bras), and the ponies sure were pretty. You may say we shed a tear at the singing of our state anthem; we may try to claim it was a raindrop. But one thing is certain: We derbied, and it was great.


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