Late Spring Playlist 2018: Derby Hangover

Getting back into the swing of real life after the Kentucky Derby is a little bit difficult, we’re not gonna lie. This last week back in New York felt longer than most, and we’re still struggling with not being able to spend all our free Saturdays sipping mint juleps in the sun (or, in our case, rain).

So this playlist is here to help us, and you, come down from that Derby high. You may notice some similarities to our early spring playlist, with its chill Southern vibes. But if we’re being honest, that’s a lot of what we listen to — plus it’s the best way to wind down after a long, rainy day or to soothe the pangs of homesickness and money lost gambling.

So join us on our proverbial fire escape and sip on a glass of bourbon. We’ve got some old and new favorites here. (How many playlists can we put Brandi Carlile on? We’ll find out! And if you haven’t listened to Kacey Musgraves’s new album, you should fix that — right after you listen to this playlist.) As always, you can listen here, on Spotify, or on YouTube.

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