Late Summer 2018 Playlist: Rooftop Summer Sunset

We’re back, y’all! After a blissful, busy month of lake getaways, baseball games, outdoor concerts, family time, and many viewings of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, we have returned ready to tackle another year of fun and games here on Zelda and Scout.

Fall is our favorite season here at Z&S, both in New York and in general. Late August fooled us into thinking crisp air and sweater/onesie weather was around the corner, only for September to roar in with temperatures close to 100 degrees and humidity out the wazoo. But while we’re really, really tired of sweating, we’re trying not to kick off the year with negativity. So instead, our first playlist of Year 5 is full of bops and jams to help us — and you — soak up the last vestiges of summer. After all, we will miss these warm and sunny days when they’re gone.

And since back-to-school season makes us nostalgic, this one’s full of some of our favorite timeless tunes. We’re cranking Aretha (R.I.P.) and ABBA, the Beach Boys and Sam Cooke, oldies our parents would play on the radio as we rolled our windows down, the scent of freshly mown grass mingling with that sweet fresh notebook perfume. These days, we sadly find ourselves with no need to stock up on school supplies, so instead we’ll just pour ourselves a gin and tonic, hit play, and savor the days as they get shorter. We recommend this process on a roof, porch, or verandah.

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