Zelda’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

According to the author Gary Chapman, there are five love languages. Some people offer words of affirmation or acts of service to show they care; others prefer quality time or physical touch. And then, there are the gifters.

I’ve never taken Chapman’s quiz, but I have a feeling I fall into category five. I love to gift — picking out the perfect, thoughtful, personal present for each of the special someones in my life. But I also know that not everyone views gift-shopping as a fun challenge: For others, Scout included, it’s more of a tortuous chore. So for those of you who feel stumped or overwhelmed, or for those who just want a little more fun inspiration, I present my fifth annual gift guide, with treats for everyone on your list.

For the Wild Feminist:


Phenomenal Woman T-shirt (Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, $35)

For the One Who’s Always the Hostess:


Food Fortunes (Amazon, $6.47

For the One With a Million Save-The-Date’s On Their Fridge:


Dog Butt Magnets (Lockwood Shop, $12.95)

For the Plant Mom:


Hand-Painted Gold and Blue Dot Planter (Lockwood Shop, $11.95)

For the One With the Well-Stocked Bar Cart:


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margarita. (Amazon, $10.53)

For the One Who Loves a Kitchen Dance Party:


Blue Q Women’s Novelty Crew Socks (Amazon, $5.99)

For One Who Lets the Bons Temps Rouler:


Gumbo T-shirt (The Bitter Southerner General Store, $30)

For the One Who’s Going to Save Our Democracy:


Votes for Women Tote Bag (Indiana Landmarks, $28.95)

For the One Who’s Working On the Next Great American Novel:


Your Story Pencils (The Old Try, $4.50)

For the One Solemnly Swears They’re Up to No Good:

Untitled design (7).png

Hogwarts House Candles (In the Wick of Time, $17)

For the One With the Chilly Noggin:


Black Pom Beanie (Love Your Melon, $30)

For the One Who’s Usually Found in the Library:


A Literary Tea Party: Blends and Treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and Book Lovers Everywhere (Amazon, $13.59)

For the One Who Will Be Hibernating, Please Hold All Their Calls:


Alone Time Door Hanger (People I’ve Loved, $14

For the One Who Needs More Shelf Space:


Read More Books T-shirt (The Bitter Southerner General Store, $30)

For the One Who Could Use a Little Pick-Me-Up:


Mr. Rogers Print (People I’ve Loved, $35)

For the Manhattanite:


Christmas Taxi Ornament (Leif Shop, $24)

For the Brooklynite:


Brooklyn Map Tote Bag (People I’ve Loved, $14)

For the One Who Keeps Trying to Convince You to Move to Queens:


Astoria Map Ornament (Lockwood Shop, $14.95)

For All of Y’all:


Yes Yes Y’all Print (The Old Try, $42)

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