Winter 2019 Playlist: Do the Thing!

Here’s the deal, y’all This playlist was originally slated to go out on January 2nd, after our customary holiday break. But as we crawled into 2019, we found ourselves having  a little trouble getting into the new year groove. There were newspaper articles to write, jury duties to serve, exhibitions to plan for. Sometimes, life just gets in the way, and we needed a jolt to get us out of our post-holiday stupor and into a more productive mode. So we made this playlist to do just that.

This is the playlist to get you going, to help you DO THE THING. Maybe the thing is just getting out of bed when it’s 20 degrees out. Maybe it’s going to gym or cooking a meal, going to a march or calling your senator, doing that grad school research you’ve been putting off. Whatever the thing is, put on this playlist and do the thing! Do it with all the verve and swagger we know you’ve got. We’re in this together. Listen on Spotify.

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