Early Spring Playlist 2019: Snow Day

We’re baaaaaack…and we’re sorry. 2019 has gotten off to a slow start for us. We’re balancing this project that we started when we both had part-time jobs with real actual adult lives, full of work stuff and medical stuff and life stuff. So sometimes we need to put things on the back burner.

But we are thrilled to be back on track with another playlist for you. Spring may be right around the corner (or, in meteorological terms, already here), but climate change has made it hard to recognize just when the seasons are changing. The weather bounces from “feels like negative five” to “I need to take off my scarf because I’m sweating” to “what do you mean there are four inches of snow” all in the same week — reminds us of our good old hometown.

This week decided to bring us a generous dump of snow, which immediately turned into slush. But for a few short hours, everything was hushed and soft and white and filled us with the Lorelai Gilmore-wonder that these two Southern gals still cling to even after years up north. There are many New York habits and attitudes that we’ve picked up, but this city will never melt our “marveling at this funny white stuff transforming the world into a wonderland” hearts. So with this playlist, we’re leaning into the romanticism and bringing you some songs to watch the snow fall with. Listen below or on Spotify.

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