Blueberry-Lavender Champagne Punch

Hey y’all. So this week was supposed to bring you another installment of All the Fixin’s, the series where we cook our way through our respective Southern heritages. But as you’ll know if you follow this blog, or our social media, or the world in general, this past weekend included that most hallowed of horsey days — the Derby — and we celebrated in a matter befitting the occasion. We did indeed cook things (many of them, in fact), but they were Bluegrass classics that make up the staples of each of our Derby parties: pie (in miniature, bite-sized form), bourbon ball cupcakes, benedictine, artichoke dip. And in the tornado of activity that was preparing for, throwing, and cleaning up after our annual Brooklyn celebration, we did not, alas, have time to venture into something new from one of our respective cookbooks.

Not to fret, All the Fixin’s will be back next month. But today, in its stead, we’re bringing you the one new thing we did try for this year’s party: a cocktail. Now we all know the correct drink to imbibe on the first Saturday in May is, of course, a mint julep. But despite our better judgement, we are friends with some people who do not partake of the browner liquors. So we decided to indulge them with an alternative option. Call us soft if you will: We prefer to celebrate our tolerance and generosity. Also Zelda will seize any opportunity to try out a new big-batch cocktail (punch bowls for one on a Wednesday afternoon seeming more sad than celebratory, she has to wait for parties to pull out all the stops).

We wanted something light and festive, full of bubbles and springtime flavors. And after some thorough Googling, Zelda settled on this Southern Living classic-with-a-twist: blueberry-lavender champagne punch. Champagne punches are a party staple: easy to throw together, pleasing to a crowd, with all the pop and fizz you want in a celebratory glass. This one punches up the traditional simple syrup with fresh blueberries and dried lavender, infusing the drink with sweet floral notes and a lovely purple tint to boot. We can’t honestly say we partook much ourselves, aside from taste testing to make sure the proportions are right — we are julep gals, through and through — but our guests swore it was positively divine, and the empty bowl at evening’s end backed their claims up. Mint and lavender alike, we all raised a glass (or several) and sang one song for our old Kentucky home — far, far away.


1 cup mashed fresh blueberries

2/3 cup sugar

1 cup water

1/2 teaspoon dried culinary lavender

3 bottles (750 mL) champagne (prosecco will also do the trick)

3 cups gin

1 cup fresh lemon juice (about 4 lemons’ worth)


To make the simple syrup, stir together the mashed blueberries, sugar, water, and lavender in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium heat, and let simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Pour through a mesh sieve and strain out the solid bits, then set aside to cool completely (at least 45 minutes, but we recommend making it the evening before your gathering and letting it sit in the fridge overnight).

In a punch bowl or pitcher, combine the champagne, gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. The proportions listed here are for a big batch, using all of the simple, but if you’re entertaining a smaller number of guests, use 1 cup gin, 1/3 cup simple syrup, and 1/4 cup lemon juice for every bottle of champagne.

Garnish with lemon slices, frozen blueberries, and/or lavender sprigs. Enjoy!

Lip Service: Zelda’s Favorite Sticks, Stains, and Balms

I am not a beauty guru (although I sometimes like to pretend I’m one on this blog). My contouring skills are pretty much nonexistent. I have yet to perfect my cat eye. But the one area where I do claim some smidge of expertise is lips. Berry or burgundy, crimson or magenta, I love a bold lip. It spices up any outfit, adds a bunch of panache to any look, and instantly makes me feel more awake, put-together, and downright sultry no matter what else I have going on. My fellow lipstick-wearing pals often ask me for recommendations in the stick, gloss, and stain department, and so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you, dear readers.


From drug store finds to Sephora specials, liquid mattes to sheer balms, these are the staples I consistently find myself going back to when I want to put a little smooch in my step. Whether you’re in search of a new spring look, gearing up for a special occasion (*cough Derby Party cough*), or continuing your quest for the perfect red lip (me, always), here are some Zelda-approved products to get you started. And if many of them happen to be in Run for the Roses shades, perfect for pairing with a certain May Saturday and its atmosphere of Bluegrass glam, even better.

2296157.jpgRevlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (I own this in at least six different shades — I wish I were exaggerating — but my favorites are Passion, Addiction, and Obsession): If you’re looking for bang for your buck, this is your winner. A huge punch of color, creamy texture, and nigh-indestructible coverage, all for under $6. This is also where we first encounter the trend of weirdly oversexualized lipstick color names. Sex sells, I guess?


revlon.jpgRevlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (in Cherries in the Snow): I stumbled across this color on some “Best Of” list that I can’t seem to relocate, and it has quickly become one of my new favorites. Teetering between magenta and red, with good lasting power to boot. And only $10!



Soap-and-Glory-Sexy-Mother-Pucker-Matte-Lip-Review-Swatches-3.jpgSoap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip (in Chocoberry): As you’ll notice from this list, I generally stick to the bold berries and reds when it comes to my pucker, but this is one noticeable exception. I bought this on a recommendation from my favorite London-dwelling Canadian beauty blogger Estée Lalonde, and her endorsement rang true. Another drugstore steal, from the cheeky Brits at Soap and Glory, this goes on like a balm, with the color of a lipstick, in an earth rose that hits the millenial pink sweet spot.

800897840310_liquidsuedecreamlipstick_kittenheels_main.jpgNyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (in Kitten Heels): My Girl Scout troupe determined I was a Winter at a formative age, so I have since tended to shy away from orange-y reds in favorite or blue and berry tones (why this was a Girl Scout activity, I do not know, but I hope girls today have done more of the camping and less of the “holding up paint swatches to one’s cheek” of my youth). So I was apprehensive when I received this as a sample in my Birchbox, as it definitely fell more on the Summer side. To my very pleasant surprise, I actually liked it — a bold hit of color with a definite warm-weather vibe — and the incredible staying power tipped me over the edge. It took 26 years, but I had finally found an orange-red I liked.

2306286.jpgSmashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick (in Bawse): When I first heard about this limited edition color, I wrote it off as a gimmick — a collaboration in which Smashbox hoped to capitalize on the brand and audience of YouTube superstar Lilly Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii. But then I started to see the promo photos, featuring members of Lilly’s and the Smashbox teams. Ladies with a whole rainbow of skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors, with lips ranging from razor thin to full-on Jolie, all tried on the lipstick…and they all looked amazing. So I caved, and it did not disappoint. It can be a little bit drying, which keeps it from achieving the status of Perfect Red, but the shade is ultra-flattering (and, I might add, perfect for a Run for the Roses).

Too-Faced-Lady-Balls-Melted-Matte-Liquefied-Matte-Long-Wear-Lipstick-Review.jpgToo Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick (in Lady Balls):  I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. However, nothing irks me more than a liquid lip that sucks all the moisture out of my kisser, leaving my mouth shriveled and dehydrated. This can be a particular problem with liquid matte colors, and this guy is one of the best I’ve found at avoiding what I call “Sahara mouth.” For my first try, I went with the classic red, but I’ve got my eye on It’s Happening and Bend and Snap as well.

SMASH.jpegSmashbox Be Legendary Lipstick (in Jam On It): I owe this discovery to Z&S favorite Ingrid Nilsen. Watching one of her videos last fall, I found I couldn’t stop staring at her lips. The reason was to be found in the video description — the internet’s version of asking your friend (or, you know, a random stranger on the street): “Oh my god, I love your lipstick! Where did you get it?” A deep berry that layers well, letting you take it from raspberry to plum in a matter of coats.

GS000934.jpgBenefit Full-Finish Lipstick (in Espionage): This is a long-time favorite of mine, the first shade beyond the classic reds that I truly loved. It breaks my heart that Benefit no longer makes it, and makes me incredibly sparing with how I use it and cautious about how it gets tossed in my bag, since one tube is all I’ve got. The color looks intimidatingly dark as a solid but goes on with just the right amount of sheer, while still packing a deep enough punch to make any wearer feel like a goddamn vixen.

TARTE.jpgTarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint (in Frenemy): Speaking of dark, this is one of the newest additions to my lip arsenal, purchased for a Halloween trip to Sleepy Hollow with friend-of-the-blog, and my sister witch, Katie. Applying this guy can be a bit tricky, since the color is dark and tends to set very fast, but even so it goes on smooth and doesn’t dry your lips out, plus it has a surprisingly minty scent to give it that extra oomph.


Fresh-Sugar-Berry-Lip-Treatment.jpgFresh Sugar Lip Treatment (in Berry): There are lipsticks, and lip stains, and liquid mattes that toe the line. But sometimes, you just want a hint of color, and for those moments, there is Fresh. I have loved these sugar treatments for years, starting with the Original formula. They are incredibly moisturizing, they smell great, and they have just enough color to give your natural lip shade a boost without making you feel overdressed.


s683490-main-Lhero.jpgSmith’s Rosebud Salve: Last but not least, if you just want to let your natural lip shine, allow me to suggest this timeless classic. It smells like a Derby winner’s garland and seeps into your lips like rain on a racetrack, leaving them soothed and refreshed. Or, for a twist, you can layer it over a lipstick or lip stain to soften the color and give it a bit of shine.



All the Fixin’s: Brown Sugar Cornmeal Pie

Welcome back to All the Fixin’s! We are still waiting for spring to arrive here in New York: There was a brief respite from cold…followed quickly by a nor’easter. Suffice it to say, it’s still quite brisk. No matter! We are of the firm belief that every season is pie season! And there were many pies to choose from in Ronni Lundy’s Appalachian cookbook, Victuals, but eventually we settled on a savory pie with sausage and root vegetables, perfect for the unseasonable chill. Alas, the grocers of New York City had other plans. Zelda went on a three-store search for turnips and parsnips and other ingredients, but came up short (the hold-outs were those damn parsnips — apparently there’s some unspoken law banning their sale within the five boroughs outside of October and November, or at least that’s the way it seemed).

We complained. We strategized. We made plans to open an Appalachian/Cajun grocery and lunch counter somewhere in Brooklyn, where folks like us could buy game, root veggies, and tasso ham to their hearts’ content. And then we shifted our cooking plans to a more traditional pie format. Lundy’s Buttermilk Brown Sugar Pie is a twist on Z&S favorite chess pie (we’re all about the chocolate version from Louisville’s Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen), but this recipe uses brown sugar instead of regular old white granulated. Brown sugar is, as we’re sure you know, superior in all ways to white sugar, so we were sure this would improve immensely on the classic. Bellies full of tacos and glasses full of beer, we dove in.


1 unbaked pie crust (making your own is actually pretty easy, but if you, like us, are pressed for time, you can always go the Pillsbury route)

1 ½ cups packed light brown sugar

¼ cup very finely ground cornmeal (We had already purchased stone ground cornmeal, in hopes of making a different recipe, so we just sieved out the bigger pieces. You can also throw your cornmeal in the blender or food processor for a minute if it’s on the coarser side, and blend until it’s a little denser than flour.)

½ teaspoon salt

3 large eggs, room temperature

4 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled to room temperature (It is here that we must remind you of rule number one of baking: Read the entire recipe before you start! Otherwise you may be forced to sit on your hands while your just-melted butter chills in the freezer. Manageable, but less than ideal.)

¾ cup whole buttermilk, room temperature

1 teaspoon vanilla extract.


Preheat the oven to 350.

Line a 9-inch pie pan with your crust and put in the fridge to chill while you make the filling.

In a medium bowl, combine the brown sugar, cornmeal, and salt.

In a large bowl, beat the eggs until frothy. Beat in the melted butter.

Add the dry ingredients and stir vigorously until the brown sugar has fully dissolved.

Add the buttermilk and vanilla. Stir to combine.

Pour the mixture into your chilled pie crust. Bake for 45 minutes, or until the center is set. It should be liquid but may still be tender to the touch.

Allow the pie to cool until just barely warm before slicing (otherwise, you may end up with unset pie soup). Enjoy!

Y’all. This pie is damn good: just the right level of sweetness, grounded by the earthiness of the cornmeal, with a nutty complexity from the brown sugar and a delicious caramelized finish on top. We inhaled our initial pieces in seconds and spent the weekend snacking on the rest. It may not have been the pie we planned, but it is definitely one we’ll be making again.

January Round Up

Our third calendar year on the blog (wait…what?) is off to a good, if cold, start. We’ve been busy working and writing, and we’ve both been ailing — Scout with a killer cold and Zelda with a debilitating stomach bug — so we’re sorry if we haven’t been all that present this month. But still, despite our weary bodies, January has had its fun moments. Zelda celebrated her birthday (belatedly) and had a visit from one of her bestest pals. Scout killed it at Nerdeoke. Winter came, all of it in one twenty-four-hour period, in which we got all that snow we were missing back in December. We found ourselves housebound, the streets and sidewalks nigh impassable and public transit a mess. But snowstorms leave room for some of our favorite things: drinking, eating, and binge-watching, all of it with folks we love. Not bad, January. Not bad at all.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

What We’re Doing: We started the month, and the new year, off with some resolutions, as is traditional. Scout shared her (hopefully fun and manageable) checklist for 2016, and Zelda checked in on her 15 New Things for 2015, and added some new entries for the coming year. In other posts, we had the usual suspects: a playlist, an “Eat This, Drink, That,” and some inspiration tailored to help you find your voice and sing out (Louise). Plus Scout made a list of her must-see works of art in New York, and Zelda shared her winter beauty favorites.


What We’re Listening To: January can often feel like the longest month — endless stretches of grey with nary a festivity to break up the monotony and the cold. Plus, there are all those pesky resolutions that seemed shiny and promising on the 1st, but by week two are hanging over your head like a personal thundercloud. So this month’s playlist was a musical pick-me-up, songs from the Great White Way (and slightly off it) to help pump you up and push you toward your goals. Really, all we want is for our lives to be a musical, and these songs help us find our inner Princeton, Pippin, Elder Price, Violet, Matilda, Annie Oakley, Velma Kelly, Elle Woods, Nancy, Vanessa, Miriam, Patsy, Perchik, Millie, Lola, newsie, hippie, A. Ham, and more (but we keep it all inside).


What We’re Watching: Mr. Robot! Scout’s been in love with Rami Malek since he played Snafu in “The Pacific,” (also as the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah in “Night at the Museum”), so when she found out he was getting a starring role on a new USA show, she was sold without much convincing necessary. When that show was nominated for all the awards, it was pretty easy to get Zelda on board as well. Do yourself a favor and go watch it now: It’s keep-you-up-watching-until-four-in-the-morning engrossing and as well-written as it is well-acted. Snowstorm Jonas also brought on binge-watching. Scout finally queued up Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None,” which is goddamn delightful and wonderfully intelligent — a comedy that’s genuinely funny, realistically insightful, and not afraid to stray into commentary on issues such as racism and sexism, without feeling preachy and still staying funny. Seriously, all ten episodes were just so pleasing. Zelda finally got caught up on “Elementary” and dove into the wacky, wonderful, musical world of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

We also love: Our boy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, reading Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech in the church where MLK originally spoke the words as part of the #MLKNow tribute. Our girl, Ingrid Nilsen, interviewing the mother-effing POTUS! These celebrities trying to pull off their best gender-swapped Scarlett O’Hara’s and Rhett Butler’s (Eddie Redmayne for Scarlett, seriously). Oh and THIS. THIS IS EVERYTHING.


What We’re Reading: This profile of hilarious comedienne and Girl Raised In The South Leslie Jones (The New Yorker). This thoughtful essay by author and vlogbrother John Green about why people should stop underestimating or dismissing us young’uns, and why condescension is never as productive as dialogue (World Economic Forum). This ode to the quiet pleasures, and creative possibilities, of a sick day home in one’s bed (The New York Times Magazine). This (admittedly depressing) analysis of this year’s Oscar nominees and how they fared on the Bechdel Test (Wall Street Journal). This throwback to when David Bowie filled out the Proust Questionnaire, a reminder of how delightfully, inimitably individual the (space)man was, and of how lucky we were to have him for a spell (Vanity Fair). This delicious slice of reflection and wit, about the origins (factual, fiction, or otherwise) of gooey butter cake (The Offing). And every single awesome, insightful, entertaining entry in Vulture’s Hamilton Pages, a week-long celebration of the man and the musical, inspired by dear Alexander’s 261st birthday.


What We’re Eating: This month saw a lot of food consumed in Scout’s abode; the cold just makes you want to stay in and gorge on comfort foods. Scout attempted a nostalgic recipe for this month’s “Eat this, Drink That,” harkening back to summers at the lake and the light fluffy angel food treat that Gaga used to cook up. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but it could have been worse. Our mini cakes tasted pretty good, as long as one applied a liberal amount of whipped topping and strawberries. Hopefully, Zelda’s pans have recovered. [Zelda’s Note: It took several days of soaking, three washes, and one ruined sponge, but they have been restored to functional status.] The snowstorm brought even more baked goods. Scout’s roommate, Claire, cooked up not one but two (gluten-free, even!) cakes in the twenty-four hours snowfall: a funfetti cake for Friday night, and a classier, heartier apple cake for Saturday afternoon. And back in the beginning of the month, Scout’s fourth and newest roommate, Brettlin, whipped up a classic Southern New Year’s feast of collards, black-eyed peas, a roast, yams, cornbread, and mac and cheese. Here’s to starting out the year with wishes of health, wealth, happiness, and many kitchen adventures.

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

What We’re Drinking: For this month’s “Eat This, Drink That,” Zelda tackled the French 75, a classic cocktail of gin, lemon, simple syrup, and champagne. We were underwhelmed at first, until St. Germain entered the picture and reminded us why we want it in all of our drinks, always. And with the recent snowpocalypse that was Jonas, we found ourselves homebound and in need of a bit of boozy refreshment to pass the time. Zelda enjoyed an organic chocolate stout (Samuel Smith’s, to be precise), courtesy of her cousin. Scout and the roomies stuck to red wine (for the roomies) and bourbon (for Scout).


What’s On Our Wishlist: Is it too repetitive to have our eyes on the #Hamiltome, i.e. the book chronicling both the creation of the musical and the man who inspired it? What can we say, we are obsessed, and we must have it. Scout would also love to somehow get tickets to BAM’s Richard II starring David Tennant and NYTW’s Othello starring Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo. It’s really important to one of her 2016 resolutions, okay? Zelda is longing for some tickets of her own, particularly to the new revival of her childhood favorite Fiddler on the Roof and the just-announced revival of Hello Dolly! starring the legendary Bette Midler herself.

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Photos Via VarietyThe Washington Post, ComicBookMovie, Vanity FairBAM, TheaterMania.

December Round Up

Goodness gracious, y’all. The calendar tells us there are a scant two days left in 2015, and we suppose it must be true. This year was hard and it was fun, filled with new beginnings and unknowns. We write to you one year older than on January 1st, and we hope perhaps a bit wiser, too. In all this topsy turvy madness of job searches and apartment searches and general identity crises of a quarter-life, existential nature, you, dear readers, have been a constant. And so we want to say thanks, and cheers. Let’s raise a glass of something bubbly to a year of recipes and playlists and GRITS and dance parties and books and movies and rants and raves and so much more. Here’s to you, top notch folks that you are, who were with us through it all. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has around the bend.


What We’re Doing: We kind of live for the holidays here at Zelda and Scout, and this December was no different. Scout decked the halls, or at least the one hall in her apartment. Zelda told you all her favorite Christmas-y things to do in the city. The weather was warm, but we sought inspiration in snowy scenes and chilly words. Scout reflected on being an introvert and how spending Christmas alone was actually kind of awesome, and Zelda brought you her favorite holiday films. And it was all backed by our holiday-themed playlist. What can we say? We go hard at this time of year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 3.18.17 PM

What We’re Listening To: This month’s playlist, as is traditional, covered our holiday favorites: from classics to contemporaries, Elvis to Emmylou. Music makes our holidays brighter and fills them with comfort and joy, and we’re finding new classics every year. Some highlights from this year’s list: Stephen Colbert’s send up of the Christmas music industry, The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York,” Lenka’s “All My Bells are Ringing,” and Vienna Teng’s “Atheist Christmas Carol.”

We also love: Scout’s on a senior year of college flashback: Jason insisted she listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album Emotion, and while Jepsen did provide her soundtrack to 2012, Scout was skeptical. After a few listens, she’s sold. There’s something to be said for fun, dancy pop music (her favorite is “Your Type”). And of course, we’re still all about the Hamilton. Our favorite song changes daily. Congrats on your Grammy nom, guys!   


What We’re Watching: It has been established that we are both giant nerds, so of course we were excited for the new installment of Star Wars. Scout has managed to avoid seeing the prequels-that-shall-not-be-named and was anxious to maintain her Star Wars purity, but after consulting with the biggest fanboys and girls she knows, she and Zelda decided to make the trip to see the new film. And you guys, can we just say for a second how much we loved The Force Awakens?!? It’s a lot. We loved it a lot. J.J. Abrams did justice to a beloved franchise (plus he added a lot of diversity and girl power, which is always a plus) . We can’t wait to see more of Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and BB-8.

We also love: Zelda commenced her annual (and more often than not unsuccessful) quest to see as many of the Oscar/Golden Globe/SAG/etc.-nominated films and performances of the year as possible with “Spotlight” and “Room,” both of which were amazing (in the true sense of the word) pieces of film filled with rich writing and riveting performances that left her both uplifted and utterly gutted. She also finally hopped on the “Master of None” bandwagon; it made her laugh out loud and also think, which is one of her favorite combos. Scout and her roommates continued their love affair with TNT’s “The Librarians.” And both of us conducted our Annual Christmas Movie Retrospective, from rom-coms to cartoons, stop motion to Muppets, Irving Berlin to Richard Curtis (for some of Zelda’s particular favorites, check out her most recent post).

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 3.31.23 PM

What We’re Reading: This delightfully accurate instruction manual for how to get home after a little too much fun out on the town (via The New Yorker). This profile of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s oh-so-talented (and oh-so-sexy) other half Javier Muñoz (via The New York Times). This beautiful essay by Jhumpa Lahiri about her struggles to learn Italian, and about language and our relationship to it (via The New Yorker). This review of the territory erstwhile-frothy-rom-com “The Mindy Project” is navigating this season, and the real (deep, dark) waters of relationships it is choosing to brave. This examination, by turns cheeky and personal and academic and heartfelt, of astrology, “our irrationality of choice” (via n+1). This oh-so-delicious “Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalogue” (via Deadspin’s Adequate Man). This thoughtful essay from First Foray about the ways liberal arts educations and Panera sustain us, and may be ruining us for life (via Medium). This defense of the awesome (and Rowling-approved) casting of POC South African actress Noma Dumezweni in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, of which we whole-heartedly approve (via The New York Times). And this quiz, one of Buzzfeed’s best, which allows the reader to determine which T.S. Eliot Poem he/she is.

We also love: On a longer form note, Zelda finally read the oft-recommended The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro. It made her want to bawl on the subway, in the best way. And Scout can’t wait to dive into Sarah Vowell’s Lafayette in the Somewhat United States (the Hamilton mania never ceases) and Elizabeth Benedict’s Me, My Hair, and I: Twenty-Seven Women Untangle an Obsession, recommended by our forever fav Ingrid Nilsen and gifted to her for Christmukkah by Zelda.


What We’re Eating: Scout conquered a Southern kitchen staple this month, with a little help from the pros. Her grandmother — the infamous, universally loved Gaga — was in town a couple weeks ago and helped us whip up a batch of crispy fried chicken, much to everyone’s satisfaction. We’ve also been neck deep in homemade treats as it is the holidays. Everything from cupcakes to candies have shown up somewhere: work, home, neighborhood bar. The Momma even sent us some personalized christmas cookies.


What We’re Drinking:  Zelda’s contribution to this month’s Eat This, Drink That, Rosemary Gimlets, was a smashing success. These cocktails, courtesy of David Lebovitz, are delicious, potent, easy to assemble, and impressive to her guests. A++. And while most days the thermometer is decidedly un-December-like, we’ve embraced the holiday season full tilt with eggnog (bourbon optional but recommended), hot chocolate (peppermint schnapps optional but recommended), and lots and lots of prosecco.


What’s On Our Wishlist: The holidays were good to us. We don’t need much in this life, so we’re wishing for a sweet new year, filled with good beer, great friends, sunshine (and maybe some snow, but not too much), kitchen dance parties, and another great year here at Zelda & Scout. Though…if someone wanted to throw some Hamilton tickets our way (ESPECIALLY Zelda’s since she has yet to see it), we wouldn’t complain.

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