February Playlist: Galentine’s Day

The second week of February has rolled around, and most of you are probably bracing yourselves for the Cupid-laden festivities of the 14th, whether you’re happily ensconced in a romance or looking to drown your singledom in a well-timed pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Here at Zelda & Scout, however, we are much more interested in this Friday’s events — a holy, and wholly enjoyable, occasion known as Galentine’s Day. Brought to us by the effervescent Leslie Knope, February 13th is a day to celebrate female friendship, best friendhood, and waffles. Because the love between you and your besties is truly worth celebrating, each and every day of the year, so until Galentine’s Day is recognized as a national holiday, we will be keeping the festivities alive with a special week of posts, starting with this week’s soundtrack to a gal pal celebration (breakfast food mandatory, hairbrush microphones highly encouraged).

Amen. (Via NBC)

Wannabe: Spice Girls – We’re starting things off strong with the ultimate Galentine’s anthem. Lovers are fine and dandy, but friendship lasts forever. Ovaries before brovaries.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Diana Ross – Because there is nothing you wouldn’t do and no distance you wouldn’t travel for your bestie. Includes but is not limited to: emergency room trips at 2 a.m., post-break-up ice cream cake, running back to your apartment for shoes because your bestie managed to lock herself out of hers barefoot (Z&S two truths and a lie: go).

Raise Your Glass: P!nk – Nobody parties like gal pals. Let the unabashed enthusiasm run wild and feel free to dance like your BFF is watching. She’ll dance just as spazzy as you do, she promises.

Brave: Sara Bareilles – Having a true bestie is like having a permanent cheerleader/inspirational speaker/life coach on call 24/7. When life gets you down, that job you applied for doesn’t call you back, or your skinny jeans don’t fit the way they used to, your best friend is there to remind you just what a beautiful tropical fish you are.

If She Wants Me: Belle and Sebastian – In your moments of weakness, you decide that this is going to be the year: The time has come to succumb to OkCupid. You carefully select photos, edit and re-edit profiles, maybe even venture out on a date or two. But at the end of the day, you’d really just rather be chilling with your bestie, in your pjs, discussing the nuances of your OTPs.

Friendship: Joel Grey & Sutton Foster – An oldie and a goodie. We also enjoy this cartoon rendition, because nothing says BFFLs like firefighting and dog-sized ice cubes?

You Don’t Own Me: Lesley Gore – If there’s anyone who can properly demonstrate the power of female friendship in the face of stupid, stupid men, it’s Bette, Goldie, and Diane. Don your finest pantsuit and belt this one out for the girls. (If you haven’t seen the classic movie referenced here, what are you doing with your life? GO!)

Where You Lead I Will Follow: Carole King & Louise Goffin – The theme song to our favorite show of female friendshipLorelai and Rory, Rory and Lane, Rory and Paris, Lorelai and Sookie, the list goes on and on — is a double whammy of mother-daughter love. Because if there’s one thing the Gilmore and Goffin-King girls taught us, it’s that your mom is your original bestie. After all, you literally spent 9 months hanging out exclusively with her.

With a Little Help from My Friends: The Beatles – True, this song is sung by dudes. But those dudes get right to the heart of what fuels the fiery cauldron of friendship, female or otherwise. To put it another way: “I’ll Be There For You.”

Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Cyndi Lauper – The original “Girls DGAF and just want to hang out with each other” song. Obviously this playlist wouldn’t be complete without it. So throw on some bangles and whip out your side ponytail. It’s all you really waaaaaaant.

Goodbye Earl: Dixie Chicks – We wowed the crowd and introduced a lot of young Brooklynites to country music at one of Zelda’s first trips to Nerdeoke. Mary Ann and Wanda were indeed the best of friends, because only your best friend will help you bury the body, no questions asked, and then sell cured meat and jams with you on the side of the road.

22: Taylor Swift – We love T. Swift — we’ve made that abundantly clear — but the Taylor we love most is the one who is unconcerned with boys and just wants to bake cookies, dance with her friends, and play with her cats. Sounds like the perfect Galentine’s Day to us.

Wind Beneath My Wings: Bette Midler – Grab those hair brushes and belt it out. Preferably with an interpretive dance. You know you want to.

Run the World (Girls): Beyoncé – Sometimes you just need to remember that being a girl means you’re the badassiest of badasses. Beyoncé is a constant reminder.

Que Sera: Justice Crew – You’ll have bad days, and good days, but your friends are there for you no matter what. No matter what life throws your way, they’ll be there with a welcome smile and a stiff drink, ready to listen or party, whatever you need,

For Good: Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel – Oh “Wicked,” you beautiful tropical fish of Bechdel test passing wonder. There are few lady friendships we love more than that of Elphaba and Galinda. They had trials and tribulations, but they made a deep and lasting impact on each other’s lives. And their final song is a hug-your-BFF, bawl-your-eyes-out, belt-the-lyrics-til-the-neighbors-complain anthem to just how important your bestie is. Cause she’s your person, no matter what.

As always, you can listen along here, or we’re on YouTube and Spotify.


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