It’s Like Lillith Fair, Minus the Angst, Plus Frittatas

Webster’s Dictionary defines Galentine’s Day as the holiest of all holidays, an all-out celebration of female friendship and camaraderie, free of romantic entanglements but chock full of breakfast food and memories to last a lifetime.

Ok, so if we’re being totally honest, Webster’s hasn’t quite jumped aboard the Leslie Knope train yet, much like Congress (if the fiery cauldron of female friendship doesn’t warrant a national holiday, we don’t know what does!). But you have the chance to get ahead of the curve with the cool kids and be an early adopter of this soon-to-be-omnipresent celebration. This February 13th, call all your best lady pals, your sisters from other misters, your BFFLs, your persons. Pop the champagne, roll out the waffle maker, and let the partying begin.


via The Knot
via The Knot

First things first: You need to set the stage. Galentine’s Day is about love, and it’s about friendship, and it’s about chocolate. So leave the Cupids for the 14th, but embrace your inner domestic goddess and turn your pad into a cozy bestie den. You can be one of the Pinterest people. We believe in you.

Now being festive doesn’t have to be hard. May we suggest this cute, sweet, and super easy garland.

Conversation hearts are only good for one thing. This is it. You may also substitute Mason jars, you little DIY hipster

And of course, there should be daisies, because they are the friendliest flowers, and they’ll make your abode feel like springtime no matter what the temperature is outside.


Mac & Cheese Waffles
Mac & Cheese Waffles

Galentine’s Day is the brainchild of Leslie Knope, enthusiastic champion of ovaries everywhere. And in her honor, your Galentine’s menu should consist only of the best item on any menu: waffles.

Start with The Original — a classic for a reason.

The only thing better than a traditional Galentine’s Day frittata? A traditional Galentine’s Day frittata SHAPED LIKE A WAFFLE. Ladies and ladies, we present: The Frittaffle.

Inspired by our recent jaunt to Bushwick joint and surprising waffle haven Arrogant Swine, we highly recommend the Mac and Cheese Waffle for a surprising, savory twist.

And finally, to top things off, the Brownie Sundae Waffle. Make sure to add extra whipped cream. And then some more whipped cream. And then another dollop for good measure. We cannot emphasize this enough: There is no such thing as too much whipped cream.

In need of further inspiration? Here you go.


Via Parade
Via Parade

Now no lady love fest would be complete without a little bubbly. Whether you embrace the breakfast food spirit or go straight for the hard stuff, the booze should be flowing, and preferably it should be pink. Bring on the heart-to-hearts and professions of drunken love (for your friends, or for Beyoncé). This is a safe space. Some essentials:

Mimosas, because breakfast food.

Cosmos, because Carrie Bradshaw and company.

Bourbon Whiskey, because real women drink whiskey, and the only acceptable form of whiskey for these Kentucky gals is bourbon.

Or you can celebrate friendship with some shots, and some puns.


Dance Party (Via FlashBulletin)
Dance Party (Via FlashBulletin)

Dance party: Allow us to suggest our February playlist. Shake your groove thang like only your BFFs are watching.

Sing-alongs: Again, grab your hair brushes or other improvised microphones and set the February playlist on repeat.

Photo booth: Have every lady bring a silly hat, scarf, or other accessory and document those memories! If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even throw some wrapping paper up on the wall to create an oh-so-profesh background.



Like the best of all gal pal get-togethers, a true Galentine’s Day celebration should eventually devolve into a slumber party, complete with cozy pjs and one of the following movies (you’ll forgive us if the list is a little long — it’s a miracle we could narrow it down this far).

Steel Magnolias: For the friends that are there for you in good times and in bad.

First Wives Club: Because sometimes in life, you encounter assholes, and when you do, your lady posse will help you deliver a big ol’ plate of steaming hot revenge.

A League of Their Own: The members of the All-American Girls’ Baseball League are more than just teammates: They are BFFLs.

Thelma & Louise: The ultimate “besties united against the world” flick. Plus a very young, very yummy Brad Pitt. Yes please.

Frances Ha: Because being a human, especially a twenty-something human, is really hard, and you need your best friend to help you through it.

Bridesmaids: A “pee your pants laughing but don’t care because your BFF won’t judge” broad fest.

Camp Takota: Because the friendships you forge in childhood, over mosquito bites and s’mores, will last a lifetime.

The Morning After

Via BadAss Candles
Via BadAss Candles

When the festivities have drawn to to a close, it’s time to Treat Yo Self…to some goodie bags. Hug your gal pals close, tell them how awesome they are, and then venture forth into the couple-strewn battlefield of Valentine’s Day armed with the knowledge that love may not last forever, but friendship never ends.

A few suggestions:

Lip Smackers: The OG party favor. To remind you what goodie bags are truly made of.

Socks: For epic sock-sliding and kitchen dance parties.

Chocolate: Because chocolate.

This candle: To tell the world that even your apartment smells badass.


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