March Round Up

Not gonna lie to y’all, our lives this month mostly consisted of navigating unseasonable weather, as we tried (only somewhat successfully) to emerge from the self-imposed hibernation of February. While we mostly remained in Netflix-binge and blog-planning mode, we did manage, in the spirit of spring, to poke our heads out of our abodes. Zelda managed a solo trip to the theater to see the wonderful Alan Cumming in Cabaret, while Scout watched a lot of basketball. There was a house party that included much prosecco and Sound of Music sing-a-longs (but of course). But mostly the month was a tease, coat-less days just out of reach. So March, no offense, but we are not sorry to see you go. Lion or lamb, you’re just too damn cold, and we need some goddamn sunshine. Please and thank you.

We take basketball very seriously in Kentucky (Via SportsNation)
We take basketball very seriously in Kentucky (Via SportsNation)

What We’re Doing: This was a busy month on Z&S, full of new series and old, a healthy dose of musical theatre, and the madness of the NCAA. We waxed poetic on the midweekend and tentative signs of spring. We talked about basketball, from BBN to what it means to be a fan regardless of team. Zelda shared some of her favorite books; Scout shared her favorite Kentucky brews. But really, if this month had a theme, it would be music: from our double whammy of a playlist to a Broadway GRITS and a love letter to our favorite hometown band. And of course, we talked to a couple of you folks about your journeys north of the Mason-Dixon line. Most exciting of all, we officially hit 100 posts on this here blog! We’re so grateful to all of y’all who have stuck with us this far, and we can’t wait to see where the next 100 take us.

Our hometown favorites, Houndmouth (via Ticketfly)
Our hometown favorites, Houndmouth (via Ticketfly)

What We’re Listening To: This month’s playlist was dedicated to one of our lifelong loves: that business we call show. From the first shows we saw growing up, on family vacations and school field trips to New York, to the ones we’ve rushed since moving here, these are 20 of the shows that have shaped us, and our relationship with New York. March also saw the debut of the second full-length album from our favorites, Houndmouth! (For just 5 of the reasons we love them, check out Zelda’s post from this month.) We have been listening to “Little Neon Limelight” on repeat for weeks, and could not be more excited to see them play it live this Wednesday.

"End of Breakfast Club"
“End of Breakfast Club”

What We’re Watching: March was super nice to us, bringing two fantastic new shows about kickass females (our favorite kind) to our lives. We both binge-watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in approximately 47 hours, and have been trying to get the theme song out of our heads ever since. And we’re quickly warming to the undead mystery romp iZombie, adapted for the screen by the brilliant mind of Rob Thomas (the Veronica Mars creator, not the musician).

We also love: Zelda leapt wholeheartedly onto the Jinx band wagon and proceeded to have her mind blown. On a totally different note, she’s also been loving the delightful (and useful) YouTube offerings of Ingrid Nilsen. Scout finally got caught up on the second season of Orphan Black (and spent the next several days wondering HOW ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH TATIANA MASLANY HASN’T WON AN EMMY). And we’re both thoroughly chuffed with James Corden, who took over as host of The Late Late Show this week and has been kicking butt.

(Via Slate)
(Via Slate)

What We’re Reading: This in-depth tale of how a band of misfits from Alabama became one of the coolest, shakingest groups around. This hilarious (imaginary) look behind the screens of several celebrity Twitter accounts. This thoughtful account of what it’s like to teach evolution at the University of Kentucky. This essay, which finally answers a question we’ve been puzzling over for years: why are men’s and women’s shirt buttons on different sides? This awesome look at the Louisville school system, and how it came to be one of the best integrated in the nation. This explanation of why sometimes it’s ok to root for the overdog (Scout in particular enjoyed this one; Zelda is having trouble getting on board.)

And Zelda is reading (and loving, so far!) Salvage the Bones, featured in the first volume of required reading.

This is Matzah? (Via Buzzfeed)

What We’re Eating: April is almost upon us, and while for many folks that means Easter chocolates, here at Z&S we are gearing up for the eight unleavened days of Pesach (that’s Passover for all you goyim). We will miss our grilled cheeses, and spaghetti, and dollar pizza, but luckily Buzzfeed has us covered with 26 mouthwatering (or, as close to mouthwatering as possible) ways to prepare matzah. Turning the bread of affliction into a delectable delicacy is an amazing, nigh impossible, feat, so we are super psyched to try all of the recipes out.

Zelda is also obsessed with lavender cookies from Las Delicias Patisserie. She and her roommate have made them a Monday night tradition (thanks to Farmigo, their other newfound love).

Elderflower 4 Lyfe (Via Feasting Freds)
Elderflower 4 Lyfe (Via Feasting Freds)

What We’re Drinking: March is about basketball, and basketball means beer. Scout shared some of her favorites from the Bourbon State…which mostly made us homesick since we can’t get our hands on them in New York but, hey, girls can dream. Speaking of dreaming, the season supposedly changed this month. And since the thermostat does not seem to have gotten the memo, we’re left a-wishing and a-hoping, and cruising the interwebs for St. Germain cocktail recipes. Because as everyone knows, spring tastes like elderflower and possibilities.

Springtime we long for in Central Park (Via L'Atelier Rouge)
Springtime we long for in Central Park (Via L’Atelier Rouge)

What’s On Our Wishlist: We’re not wishing for much this month. There’s nothing material on our lists. All we ask is for Mother Nature to take pity on us and bring us that wonderful season we call spring. We are beyond ready to shuck off our coats and wool scarves and trade them in for sundresses and sunglasses. So please, ye weather gods, take pity: We are but two humble gals from below the Mason-Dixon line who don’t understand how it can still be snowing in April.

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