A Picture is Worth a Thousand Posts: Zelda’s Hood

We’ve written a lot of words on this here blog. But sometimes, a picture can say far more than any sentence, no matter how witty or elegantly crafted. I’m preparing to move at the moment — not away from New York, but my landlord’s decision to sell our current abode has compelled the roomie and I to look elsewhere, Bushwick prices being on a steady climb from painful to downright obscene. We and our books don’t have to be out for another couple months, but the sense of an impending farewell and a big, landscape-altering transition is already looming large in my life. And so I decided now would be a great time to follow my own advice (see previous post), take a walk around the hood, and, camera in hand, notice the things that make it lovely and special, and that have made it into a home over the past two years.












IMG_8977 (1)

6 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Posts: Zelda’s Hood

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