October Round Up

We’re so glad we live in a world with Octobers — the month of changing leaves and freshly picked apples, cozy evenings and crisp walks, birthdays and bourbon and hot lattes (pumpkin spiced or otherwise). October is our favorite, and our only complaint is that this one flew by way too quickly, in a haze of work and parties and more work and brief ventures out of the city and more work and then work some more. Important events included Scout’s 26th birthday (fêted in style with burrito bowls, chocolate pudding trifle, and many singalongs), Zelda’s housewarming in her new pad (nearly three months after she moved in, but hey, no judging), and a heavy dose of culture (The King and I, Something Rotten, MoMA, Motion City Soundtrack — our interests are wide-ranging). As November’s chill creeps in and the sunshine seeps away, we’re pulling our scarves a little tighter, brewing up a hot mug of something yummy, and getting our cozy on. Only one month until the Christmas music takes over.


What We’re Doing: We kicked off this month with a Bless Your Heart, New York about one of the most trying features of living in New York: apartment hunting. After that traumatic experience, we leapt fully into October with celebrations of football (and football movies), spooky Southern Gothic-inspired music, and fall’s favorite fruit, apples. Zelda recounted her favorite things about New York in the fall, and Scout declared war on the cult of pumpkin flavor.


What We’re Listening To: This month’s playlist was a little darker, a little spookier, full of Southern Gothic serenades for the things that creep in the shadows and lurk just beyond the campfire’s glow, hiding among the Spanish moss. Perennial favorites like Audra Mae, The Milk Carton Kids, Houndmouth, and The Secret Sisters joined newcomers Kacy & Clayton, The Tallest Man on Earth, Pistol Annies, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and more. This wasn’t just a playlist: It was a ghost story.

We also love: We’re admittedly a little late to this bandwagon, but Zelda has gotten obsessed with British bass crooner George Ezra, and has been doing her darnedest to get Scout on board, too. Wanted On Voyage has been the soundtrack to her commutes of late, especially “Budapest.” Also in things we love made by peeps we think are awesome, YouTuber Troye Sivan’s EP Wild. It’s T. Swift and Z&S approved.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.28.30 PM

What We’re Watching: Speaking of T. Swift, girl has been killing our online video game as of late. In particular, we love this three part series on Grammy Pro, in which she sits down with the Nashville Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy to talk about the production process for her album 1989, working with a wide-range of collaborators from Max  Martin to Jack Antonoff to Imogen Heap. And then there’s this video over on GQ, in which Ryan Adams interviews Lady Swift about songwriting, Siri, and his recent homage to her (featured in our September favorites).

We also love: iZombie is back, brainiacs! And our love for Liv, Ravi, and the gang (especially Ravi) remains strong. Scout got Zelda hooked on The Supersizers…, which recently hit Hulu and combines our love of history, food shows, and Sue Perkins in all forms. The Wicked YouTube channel’s new series “Out of Oz” gifted our eardrums with this gem, featuring Rachel Tucker and our fav Aaron Tveit. And we’re just going to leave this little beauty right here as our gift to you. Trust us. You want to click it.


What We’re Reading: This New York Times profile of awesome human and exemplary Canadian Ellen Page. This New Yorker story about Harry Everett Smith and his paper airplane collection, and the things it reveals about humanity in general and New York City in particular. This Buzzfeed dive into the world of British ex-pat podcasters Men in Blazers, and how they’re going to make soccer the American sport of the 21st century. This goddamn beautiful compilation of all the lyrics to Hamilton, annotated (basically Scout’s Bible). This reenvisioning of the history of literature as a geographical map, part of 17-year old (yep, you read that right) Martin Vargic’s new book, Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping Out the Modern World (out in December and already added to our Christmukah lists) and featured on Vox. This conversation between two of the awesomest ladies we know, badass comedienne Amy Poehler and Broadway baby Sydney Lucas (thanks, Lenny Letter!). And this Atlantic homage to the list in all its forms, inspired by the launch of The List App (brainchild of B.J. Novak, Zelda’s new favorite thing on her phone). [ATTENTION: This list has been updated to include the best news everbut also the most nerve-wracking, because we love all of these characters so much and we have already imagined their futures. But if anyone can pull it off, Amy Sherman-Palladino can!]


What We’re Eating: In addition to our Eat This, Drink That foray into biscuit making (apple + cheddar + sage = yum), we’re also using this article as a guide, beginning (continuing?) our search for the best biscuits in New York. We know they’ll never live up to the standards of the Southern kitchens we grew up with, but we can hope for a distant second within subway distance of our apartments.IMG_9150

What We’re Drinking: We’re sticking to our guns this month and going with bourbon and beer. But, with it being autumn and all, we’re adding some ginger, apples, and other fall flavors to the mix. The Apple Ginger Bourbon Delight we made was a hit in this month’s Eat This, Drink That (and proved just as popular made by the gallon and served en masse to the attendees of Zelda’s housewarming party). Also this month, we are obsessed with hard root beer — it’s so tasty and alcoholic. Our favorites are from Coney Island Brewing Company and Small Town Brewery. Drink it or pour it over ice cream, it’s fantastic either way.


What’s On Our Wishlist: Fall has Zelda lusting after copper — all copper, all day, everywhere, but especially in the kitchen. Scout, on the other hand, is looking for more comfortable work shoes, all the scarves, and sweaters that double as blankets.  

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