January Playlist: Non-Stop

It’s a new year, which means our lives are filled with new goals and new outlooks on how to approach the big obstacles in life. This month, we wanted to make a playlist jam-packed with the songs that give us that extra push, the ones that make us sprint that final stretch or meet that looming deadline — we’re talking “Eye of the Tiger,” “Moral of the Story,” etc. But we got distracted, as we are wont to do, by Hamilton. Though every song in the show inspires us to work harder, better, faster, etc., “Non-Stop” is the one that has kept us going of late. And that made us think: Musical theatre is full of inspirational, uplifting, and motivational moments, so what if we made a playlist filled exclusively with our favorite pump-up jams from the Broadway (and Off-Broadway) stage?

Dear readers, as you know, we are unabashed musical theater nerds. And so this month’s list comes to you from the great white way. These songs inspire us to find our “Purpose” and our “Corner of the Sky.” They remind us that we “Can’t Do it Alone” and to stay “Positive” when things look bleak. As we head out the door to face the daily drudgery, this playlist in our ears turns our humdrum lives into a musical, and everything gets a little bit brighter.

We hope these songs inspire you to get things done, reach that goal, work a little harder, keep on going even when times get hard, and channel your inner Alexander Hamilton, Elle Woods, or Matilda Wormwood. We hope that they remind you that someone’s always on your side, and even when you’re trapped in a dark and very expensive forest (metaphorically or otherwise), it won’t be long until everything’s coming up roses, for us and for you.


As always, you can listen along here, or we’re on YouTube and Spotify.


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