July 2016: Forecastle Prep

We’ve written on this blog before about Louisville’s Forecastle Festival, one of the highlights of our musical year. It’s a chance for us to celebrate our hometown and its rich cultural scene, to jam to favorite artists and, most exciting of all, to discover new ones. Some of our favorite bands are Forecastle discoveries from festivals gone by — Wheeler Brothers, The Secret Sisters, Walk the Moon, just to name a few — all little bands getting their start whose sounds wormed their way into our brains as we lay in the sunshine on the banks of the Ohio.


We’re heading back this year, for the first time in a while. And we’re super excited to see some of our favorite bands play in one of our favorite settings. But our curiosity is also itching for the bands we don’t know, wondering which one may become our new love. These are some of the groups that have peaked our fancy so far, from the bottom of the billings where hidden gems so often lie. From funk to folk and soul to rock, hailing from Nashville, Shreveport, Kansas City, Toronto, and beyond, these duos and trios and 10-piece ensembles have caught our eye. We’re studying up and listening in. And maybe, if we’re lucky, come next weekend our lives will get a fresh soundtrack. As always you can listen along on YouTube or Spotify!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: So Good At Being in Trouble, Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

Sarah Jarosz: Father Adieu, Over the Edge, Build Me Up From Bones, Fuel the Fire

Caveman: In the City, Great Life

Liz Vice: There’s a Light, Empty Me Out

Anderson East: Devil in Me, Satisfy Me

Wild Child: Stones, Stitches

Banners: Shine A Light, Ghosts

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear: Yellow Taxi, Live by the Water

The Suffers: Giver, Midtown, Gwan

Saintseneca: Happy Alone, Fed Up With Hunger, Blood Bath

Los Colognes: Baby You Can’t Have Both, Drive Me Mad

River Tiber: Let You Go, The City

Seratones: Necromancer, Don’t Need It, Get Gone, Chandelier

Future Thieves: Rosie, Just Sayin’

Myzica: Ready or Not, Wait Just a Minute

The Shadowboxers: Woman Through the Wall, Pusher Love Girl


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