Scout’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Happy December, y’all! Every year here on Z&S in the days leading up to Christmukkah, we like to provide a little holiday inspiration by bringing you our favorite gift ideas. From the couch potato to the feminist grandma, we’ve scoured the internet to find something for everyone on your list. So without further ado, here are my picks. Check back on Thursday for Zelda’s!

For the weekend couch dweller who still wants to look cute AF

Knixwear Romper: I swear by this Canadian company’s Evolution Bra, and now they’ve got a series of loungewear! For all your snuggly needs.

For the one whose jewelry game is on point but whose phone is always dead

Qbracelet iPhone Charger: Everyone’s got a portable charger in their bag these days (seriously, phone, I JUST CHARGED YOU), but why shouldn’t that charger be a cute bracelet, too?

To liven up your grandma’s bridge game

Wildfang Woman Cards: Why play with boring old playing cards when you could play games with cards emblazoned with the visages of powerful women past and present?

For your relative who’s really into family history

23andMe Ancestry + Health Kit: Your genes can apparently tell you all sorts of crazy stuff, and all you have to do is spit into a tube.

For everyone with a nose and a soul

Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles: Candles are great. I always want candles. Especially ones that smell like winter.

For your friend with terrible MTA luck

The “OG” NYC Train Sign: This custom-built electronic sign is hooked up to the actual MTA system, so you can see when your next train is arriving. Plus it’s a hip decoration.

For the one whose wedding dress code is “soft goth”

Coffin Portable Charger: If the QDesigns bracelet isn’t your cup of tea and you’d prefer something a bit more macabre, check this portable battery.

For the one who doesn’t drink coffee

Party Crackers with Tea: From my other favorite Canadian company, David’s Tea, these party crackers are a fun holiday activity and a gift!

For those who, like me, can’t walk in real heels

TOMS Desert Wedges: I love boots, and I like being taller. These shoes allow me to embrace my love for both without falling down.

When you don’t know what to get as a stocking stuffer

A roll of quarters: Listen, a roll of quarters is literally the perfect stocking stuffer for any New Yorker. We all have to do laundry and going to the bank is a pain. Don’t overthink this one. Your friends will thank you.

Happy gifting! And stay tuned for Zelda’s picks later this week!

Photos via: Knixwear, Qdesigns, Wildfang, Buzzfeed, Bath & Body Works, Train Sign NYC, Valfre, David’s Tea, Toms

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