Late Winter Playlist: Come What May

Hi, y’all. Forgive us if we aren’t at our most coherent, but at this moment we come to you from an emotional state. As Scout explained in her post last week, we both harbor a potentially unhealthy love for the sport of ice dance — and specifically, for the perfect, beautiful angels known as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. (We are sorry if this isn’t your thing, but we’ve made a choice. This is where we’re at, Join us down in the deep hole of emotional investment in ice dancing. It’s nice down here! There’s sexual tension and sequins!)

Over the past few days/weeks/months (slash, if Zelda is being honest, years), we have rewatched every video, reread every article, reblogged every gif, in preparation for the 2018 medal event, when our favorite Canadians (which is a high bar, because we’re low key obsessed with the entire Canadian figure skating squad) would have their shot at redemption after their 2014 silver in Sochi, and a chance to earn their second gold and become the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history. Throughout the games, we have live streamed every event, furiously texting throughout. Like all true sports fans, we had our rituals: which stream to watch, which candle to light, which onesie to wear. And on Monday, February 19th, shortly before writing this post, the moment came. We held our breaths. We typed FURIOUSLY IN ALL CAPS. And then…

THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not going to lie, we were both straight up sobbing. Now we may not personally know Tessa and Scott. And we know they have long insisted that they are not actually in love (although, like, really? really? really???). But when we watch them, our cathartic joy at the love and artistry and athleticism they display is pure.

So this month, we are dedicating our playlist to them. Their winning skate was set to two numbers from Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. It was passionate. It was triumphant. And it got us thinking: What other musical duets would make for great ice dance routines?

As always, you can listen along above, on YouTube, or directly on Spotify.

Featured Image from jordaneberle


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