Holiday Playlist 2018: Haul Out the Holly

Apologies, dear readers, for the lateness of this post. We are still recovering from Thailand-induced jet lag, and Wednesday passed us by in a haze. However, we are incredibly excited that it is indeed that holly jolly time of year again. Nothing revives us like holiday cheer!

December is in sight, and the holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time for our annual holiday playlist. We’ve made four of these before, and so we were hard-pressed to find a new spin to put on it this year and not to repeat ourselves too much. But on our recent road trip to Canada, inspiration finally struck: We decided to challenge ourselves to craft a holiday playlist entirely out of songs from musicals (this is what eight-hour sing-a-longs in a car will do to you).

Now we may have stretched the definitions of both musical (we didn’t keep it solely to the stage — movie musicals count, too) and holiday song (songs that are generally about winter totally work, right?), but in the end we’ve definitely created a playlist entirely different from our previous holiday endeavors (which you can find here, here, here, and here). And that, we believe, is worth celebrating Listen below or on Spotify.

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