Two Southerners and a Wedding

As Scout wrote last fall, we’ve officially reached the moment in our young adult lives where we start to attend a lot of weddings. And in this, our twenty-sixth year on this earth, wedding season has just begun. We attended our very first New York wedding this past weekend (And thus had no time to Eat This, nor to Drink That. Apologies. The series will return in June!). So we thought we’d give you this little photo essay to commemorate the experience. It wasn’t all that different from a Southern wedding — in fact, there were several Southerners from the bride’s family in attendance, easy to spot by their brightly colored attire and snazzy bow ties — and it was a beautiful celebration of love between two of our dear friends. Zelda has known the couple since college, and her introduction of Scout to the groom remains her most successful matchmaking endeavor to date — platonic or romantic. A bestiedom was forged that day, much to her delight, and this weekend we all got to celebrate together.

There’s nothing better than celebrating the happiness of people you love. Scout had the honor of getting the inside view as a groom’s-maid, while Zelda got the perspective of an honored guest. There were songs sung, tears shed, whiskeys drunk, and many dances danced. It was a wonderful start to this, the wedding season of our lives, and we say, if they’re all this great, bring it on!





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