Scout’s Unconventional Resolution Update

Back in January, I laid out several somewhat unconventional resolutions for 2016. The idea was that by focusing on these out-of-the-box, mostly tangible items, I’d be able to achieve some of my more abstract and harder to quantify goals for the year. So as we approach the six month mark in 2016, I felt it was time to check back in on those goals and to see if my crazy theory has worked.

First off though, aside from these resolutions, 2016 has been a crazy year, both personally and universally. We’ve lost some entertainment greats. We’re poised for one hell of an election. Personally, I managed to wrangle an actual, honest to god, full-time, benefit-giving job thing. I’m adulting more than ever. We’re attending weddings, picking primary care physicians, doing our taxes, and praying that New York still gives us a spring before it gets into the unbearable heat of summer. These are not excuses but context: It’s been a hell of a ride. Now on to the resolutions!


Shenanigans in London: Sadly, this particular resolution is looking less and less likely to get checked off as 2016 continues. My limited vacation days (thanks, real grown up job) and previous engagements (Read: More weddings. All the weddings) will likely prevent me from visiting dearest Kaitlin in lovely London. I’m probably going to let this resolution roll over to 2017.  Dream on.


Thematically-Catered TV/Movie Marathons: Oh, this guy is on. There’s really nothing that Sarah, Jason, and I love more than eating and binge watching. Our You’re The Worst marathon is set for the final weekend in August (just before season three premieres), and you can bet that the latter part of the year will bring more of the same, because binge-watching is particularly appealing when faced with a cold and rainy NYC autumn.


Four/Five-Borough Brewery Tour: A couple friends of mine are in the midst of planning a five-borough bike and brew ride. Now I’ve got a bike, and I’m down to have a beer in every borough. But are my stamina and my butt prepared for the challenge? Probably not, more to come on this front…


Brush Up Your Shakespeare: This particular resolution has been very successful, probably because my roommate is tackling it as well and we keep each other accountable. In the past five months, we’veseen 15 of Shakespeare’s 37 (or 38, depending on who you ask) plays! Follow @saucyoverbold for those shenanigans.


Escape The Room: Oh, Escape the Room, how I love thee. Puzzles and friends, what could be better? Sarah and Jason got a small group of our friends an Escape the Room experience for Christmas, which we did back in February. It was awesome! We beat the clock and had all the fun! I sense at least one more room escape in my future before the year is out.


Girls Trip: While our July trip to Forecastle will sadly be sans Katie, it is still happening with 75% of the squad! And I’m hoping that Zelda and I can get our high school friend group  together somewhere before the end of the year as well.


James Bond: Well it was a nice thought, wasn’t it, me watching all the James Bond movies? I honestly thought it was going to be the easiest of these to accomplish. Alas, here we are, nearly in June, and I have watched approximately 24 minutes of Dr. No. Sadly, I think Bond may not be for me (I probably should have seen that coming –when I’m constantly giving up on TV shows for their lack of three-dimensional female characters…James Bond doesn’t do a lot for female representation). This pop culture gap may have to remain unfilled. Sigh. At least I gave it a go?

Overall, I think I’m making good headway on these goals. And I’ve managed to do some of the other back-of-my-head that were left off this list initially: watch Eurovision live (suck it Russia!), listen to all of Kanye West’s albums, read American Gods. I’ve accomplished a lot this year, and it’s not even halfway over. When I was feeling really down about life back in December, I attempted to declare that 2016 would be the “Year of Scout.” It’s one of those things you declare, to a bar crowded with people or your bestie or your own reflection, in the hopes that forced enthusiasm will somehow manifest itself as actual confidence and fulfillment. But this time, just possibly, maybe it actually will.



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